AdvanceCT Launches Soft Landing Program For Companies Locating To Connecticut

2 Nov 2022

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Advancect Launches Soft Landing Program For Companies Locating To Connecticut


New Haven, Connecticut - November 2nd, 2022 – AdvanceCT announces the launch of its Soft Landing Program and Directory of Resources, a tool that lists the business resources and connections needed by companies looking to establish a footprint and operations in Connecticut.

AdvanceCT’s Soft Landing Program is especially useful to international companies exploring market entry into the U.S. market via Connecticut and features information on serviced offices and coworking spaces, corporate apartments, tax and accounting firms, law firms, executive search firms, industry associations, and much more.

Through the program, prospective companies receive support in navigating Connecticut’s business environment, an added benefit to the concierge service that AdvanceCT already offers as part of its business recruitment strategy. AdvanceCT support provides access to a vast array of partner organizations, including state agencies, municipalities, higher education institutions, and business associations and networks within their industry.

The release of the Soft Landing Directory of Resources is the first step of AdvanceCT’s larger Soft Landing Program. A soon-to-be launched landing page on AdvanceCT’s website will feature instructional videos from business advisory firms on Connecticut-centric topics relating to tax, legal, and financial issues as well as visas, permits, and talent acquisition.

The Soft Landing Program will also include virtual “office hours” and no-charge consultations from some of Connecticut’s top business advisory experts.

“AdvanceCT’s Soft Landing Program is a resource that companies can access to assist them with rapid market entry into the North American market via Connecticut,” said John Bourdeaux, President of AdvanceCT. “The Soft Landing Directory is a comprehensive resource that outlines infrastructure and business advisory options and our video series will provide practical information regarding the establishment of a legal entity in the state of Connecticut. These resources complement a business environment that is receptive and supportive of companies making their market entry, and we are delighted to see increasing numbers of companies and entrepreneurs calling Connecticut home.”

A copy of the Soft Landing Directory can be found on the AdvanceCT website:

About AdvanceCT

AdvanceCT is a business-driven nonprofit that works to engage, retain, and recruit businesses to Connecticut. AdvanceCT collaborates with the Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) and our partners to implement high impact, equitable economic development. Our team advocates for and promotes Connecticut as a location for companies to compete and grow.

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