Opportunities for Irish Companies in Connecticut

Ireland and Connecticut have a long history of cultural and economic ties, with Connecticut boasting the 8th highest percentage of Irish ancestry in the United States1. The two hold similarly sized populations (5.2 million and 3.6 million) and are known globally for their status as knowledge economy leaders. Both economies are based on a culture that fosters highly skilled, research and development-based ecosystems, especially in financial services, technology, and life sciences

The similarities continue, as both Ireland and Connecticut far exceed their relatively small size on the international stage. Both locations are among the world’s most developed, sharing a near identical Human Development Index score (which captures life expectancy, education, and per capita income indicators). Ireland is well known as one of the most productive countries in the world in terms of per capita GDP, a workforce trait that is shared by Connecticut; our workforce is one of the most productive in the U.S. as well as globally, with the state’s GDP per capita outperforming Switzerland2



Notable Irish Companies with Major Operations in Connecticut


The Ireland–Connecticut Business Council, with more than 350 members, was founded to facilitate friendships and connections that promote economic development, trade, and business opportunities between Ireland and Connecticut. The organization is focused directly on expanding the development and growth of Irish enterprises in Connecticut and Connecticut business growth in Ireland, from established companies to startups, and operates the Ireland-CT VC Angel Fund which strives to discover, support, and connect investors to early-stage companies from Ireland that are interested in growing in Connecticut, the United States, and North America.

Additionally, the Connecticut legislature, with support from Irish politicians and businesses, recently passed a bill creating the Connecticut-Ireland Trade Commission which will study opportunities for greater trade and other economic ties between the two locations, benefitting businesses on both sides of the Atlantic. 


Key Facts About Connecticut

  • #3 state for biological/biomedical science advanced degrees awarded per capita3
  • #9 in the nation for science, engineering, & health doctorates in the workforce4
  • #2 for academic bioscience R&D expenditures per capita5
  • #8 in the U.S. for R&D inputs6
  • #4 in medtech and medical device manufacturing7
  • #6 in the nation for concentration of engineers8
  • #1 in the U.S. for concentration of finance talent9
  • #1 in the U.S. for finance worker productivity10


The high volume of interest in both business and leisure travel between Ireland and Connecticut spurred the creation of an Aer Lingus direct flight between Dublin Airport and Bradley International Airport outside of Hartford. This route has proven extremely popular with travelers from both destinations and, after a brief pause during the COVID-19 pandemic, has reopened to much enthusiasm. Bradley International Airport connects Connecticut to Europe and Ireland to the United States and beyond, with direct flights to North American cities like Toronto, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., Dallas, Atlanta, and more. 

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