Connecticut is Home to Life Science Innovators & Researchers

Connecticut is a top destination for the Life Science industry. The state is home to a thriving life sciences community that is anchored by a robust ecosystem of cutting-edge research, highly educated workforce, and innovative companies.

From the artificial heart to stem cell study to genome research, Connecticut continues to demonstrate its commitment to serving as the center for biomedical advances. Connecticut has become a nucleus of life science advances—from groundbreaking research in personalized medicine to device manufacturing of the latest medical technology.

Key Facts

  • 27,800 Employees at more than 1,300 Life Sciences Establishments (Lighcast, 2022; AdvanceCT calculations)
  • #3 in Bioscience Patents per capita (TEConomy/BIO, 2022)
  • Connecticut secured more than $742M in NIH Funding in 2022, the 6th most per capita in the U.S. (National Institutes of Health, 2022)
  • Home to 38 World Class Colleges & Universities, including Yale and UConn
  • #1 in Health IT adoption – a key indicator of healthcare innovation (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, 2020)
  • #2 for Academic Bioscience R&D Investments per capita (TEConomy/BIO, 2022)
  • 82% of all Connecticut academic R&D investments are in bioscience, the 2nd highest nationally (TEConomy/BIO, 2022)
  • #2 in the nation patents per 1,000 individuals in science and engineering occupations. (National Science Foundation)
  • 5th in the U.S. for Bioscience Venture Capital Investments (TEConomy/BIO, 2022)
  • #9 in the Nation for Science, Engineering, & Health Doctorates in the Workforce (National Science Foundation, 2021; U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, LAUS, 2021; AdvanceCT calculations)

Support for Connecticut’s Life Sciences Industry

Connecticut has invested in the life sciences industry. There is support for this growing industry and resources designed to promote the research and development of new technologies, along with the continued cultivation of talent.

“Connecticut’s universities are great engines of innovation. Those ideas attract capital, both from the private sector and public sector. Together, with Connecticut’s talent pool, those are the three ingredients for a successful bioscience company.”

- Arvinas Founder Craig Crews on launching a pharmaceutical enterprise in New Haven

Life Sciences Sector Snapshot

For a detailed look into Connecticut’s life sciences ecosystem, including our talent pipeline, lab space, research partners, and more, download our in-depth sector snapshot.