The Renewable Energy Industry is Growing In Connecticut

Connecticut has long been a leader in the clean energy industry, with the first Green Bank in the U.S. founded here, but has recently doubled-down on its commitments to become energy independent and support the many green energy companies located here. Connecticut has established one of the most ambitious clean energy goals in the nation, with a commitment to achieve zero carbon electricity by 2040, which includes investments in fuel cell, solar, and offshore wind energy. Connecticut was also one of the first states to establish an energy storage target, with a goal of deploying 1,000 MW of energy storage by the end of 2030.

Connecticut’s status as the largest maritime hub in the Northeast1 and its unparalleled manufacturing ecosystem, built around the state’s aerospace and defense, shipbuilding, and precision manufacturing industries, has left the state in a unique position to fulfill the needs of various green energy industries – from autonomous undersea mapping and monitoring to battery and semiconductor production to telecommunication and high-performance interconnect systems.


Key Facts

  • #3 in the United States for Offshore Wind Power2
  • #3 in the nation for fuel cell patents3
  • #1 lowest impact on climate change in the U.S. out of all 50 states4
  • #9 most energy efficient state5
  • #6 greenest state in the U.S.6
  • #2 in the U.S. for patent activity7
  • #7 in the U.S. for private R&D investment per capita, almost twice the national average8
  • #6 highest concentration of engineers9


Industry Ecosystem

The state has emerged as an epicenter of the offshore wind industry, utilizing its three deep water ports – including New London’s State Pier, which is the only heavy lift capable, unobstructed port on the East Coast and has been specifically updated to cater to the needs of the offshore wind industry – for staging, assembly, and delivery. Connecticut has the highest concentration of offshore wind supply chain jobs in the U.S.10 and has committed to 2,000MW of offshore wind energy – enough to power 1 million homes.

Fuel cells from Connecticut-powered technologies have been present on NASA’s Apollo and space shuttle missions since the 1960s. Today, the state is home to the first and second largest fuel cell power projects in North America, as well as one of the global centers for green energy innovation — named a “Top 3 State” for fuel cell development by the U.S. Department of Energy – a reason why two of the largest global fuel cell manufacturers call the state home.


"After searching the world for companies that can meet our precision and reliability needs, we often find that the best partners are our neighbors right here in Connecticut."

— Boris Levin, CEO, Mott Corp


Support for Connecticut’s Renewable Energy Industry


Renewable Energy Industry Sector Snapshot


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