Connecticut’s Business Environment Fuels Innovation & Growth

Connecticut knows how to support business growth - be fiscally responsible, have plans, policies and strategies that are easy to navigate and invest in people. That’s where Connecticut really shines. From Pre-K to community colleges and universities, Connecticut is investing heavily in education for all and removing the traditional barriers to workforce training. That investment is paying off. Connecticut’s highly skilled, highly educated workforce is rated among the best in the country and our companies are reaping the benefits of their talent.


Proven Success

Connecticut is the Insurance Capital of the World and a leader in the financial services industry. More broadly, the state is home to 2 Fortune 100, 14 Fortune 500 and 28 Fortune 1000 companies. Globally recognized brands like ESPN, Xerox and Cigna have made their headquarters in Connecticut, as have startups like Yale quantum computing spinoff Quantum Circuits, Inc. 

Wide-ranging talent and a strong business ecosystem with access to major east coast markets like NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. have made Connecticut the location of choice for companies of all sizes.


Key Advantages

“Number one was a very pro-business attitude exemplified by those in the state government. Second, it was easy access to intellectual capital, great people with a strong work ethic. Third, was easy access to transportation. We’re only a hop, skip and a jump to major airports and Manhattan.”

The Navigators Group CEO Stan Galanski on relocating their headquarters from New York to Stamford

“Connecticut’s universities are great engines of innovation. Those ideas attract capital, both from the private sector and the public sector. Together, with Connecticut’s talent pool, those are the three ingredients for a successful bioscience company.”

Arvinas Founder Craig Crews on launching a pharmaceutical enterprise in New Haven


Key Facts

  • #2 in the U.S. for Patent Activity1
  • #6 for Human Capital Investment2
  • 38 World-class Colleges & Universities, including Yale & UConn
  • #1 State for the Digital Economy3
  • #2 Best Public School System in the U.S.4
  • #2 Best High Schools in the Country5
  • #7 State for Internet, Coverage, Prices, & Speed6
  • #3 for Most Employees with Advanced Degrees7
  • #4 Most Innovative Economy8
  • #6 Most Productive Workforce9
  • #5 Technology & Science Workforce10
  • #2 Highest Quality Public School Systems11
  • #1 State for College Readiness12
  • #3 for Quality of PreK-12 Education13


De-Risk Your Business

Selecting Connecticut as your business location offers unparalleled advantages in risk management, ensuring a stable and secure environment for your operations. Connecticut excels in sustainability, ranking #1 for the lowest climate-change contributions14 and individual waste per capita15. Our state also boasts a highly reliable electrical grid and top-tier internet infrastructure, recognized among the best in the nation by Broadband Now. These strengths translate to fewer disruptions and smoother business operations, even during climate emergencies.

Additionally, Connecticut’s robust infrastructure extends beyond energy and communication networks. Whether it's highway improvements, rail enhancements, or investments in EV charging stations, Connecticut prioritizes infrastructure resilience to support businesses. Our electric grid is one of the most reliable in the nation, with one of the lowest amount of power outages in the country and the fewest in New England16. Coupled with low crime rates, excellent healthcare, and a highly productive workforce, Connecticut provides a comprehensive, low-risk environment ideal for business growth and stability. By choosing Connecticut, you position your business in a forward-thinking, resilient state that supports sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Lean more about how Connecticut can help de-risk your business here.

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