Connecticut is #1 in Health IT for the Entire U.S.

Connecticut is a leader in healthcare. We rank highly for access to healthcare and have one of the healthiest populations in the United States as a result. This investment in health has created opportunities in the Health IT industry, where we rank #1 in the entire country. 

The state has a designated Health Information Technology officer, guidelines and directives pertaining to Health IT and the Health IT Advisory Council

Key Facts

  • #1 Health IT (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
  • #1 Digital Economy (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
  • #5 Technology & Science Workforce (Milken Institute, 2020)
  • #3 Advanced Degrees (U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 1Y, 2021)
  • #5 for Healthcare in the U.S. (U.S. News & World Report, 2023)
  • #4 Healthiest Population in the U.S. (United Health Foundation, 2022)