Quantum Computing is Being Pioneered in Connecticut

Connecticut’s Yale University was the first research institution to form a Quantum Institute. Their groundbreaking work began receiving national acclaim in 1998 and has continued to result in new discoveries and commercial applications. Companies like Quantum Circuits Inc. have launched out of Yale, receiving millions in capital investment. 

Professors at UConn are also conducting research in the field of quantum computing and you can read their published work here

Yale Quantum Institute

The Yale Quantum Institute was founded to enhance Yale’s leadership in the field of quantum science and technology.  It serves as a forum to bring together experimental and theoretical researchers at Yale in the field of quantum information physics, quantum control, quantum measurement, and quantum many-body physics. The Institute also runs an active visitors program to bring in quantum information scientists from leading institutions worldwide, and hosts conferences and workshops in sub-fields relating to its core mission.

Key Facts

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  • #3 Advanced Degrees (U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 1Y, 2021)
  • #4 Innovative Economy (Bloomberg Analytics, 2020)
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