Connecticut Has Renewable Energy Talent

Connecticut has the eighth-highest concentration of science and engineering doctorates. Simultaneously, the state has a manufacturing history with a workforce capable of producing the latest renewable energy technologies. Our highly skilled, highly educated workforce is the perfect combination of talent at all levels. From design to development and implementation, Connecticut has the talent renewable energy companies need to succeed.

Key Facts

  • #5 Technology & Science Workforce (Milken Institute, 2020)
  • #3 Advanced Degrees (U.S. Census Bureau, ACS 1Y, 2021)
  • #4 Innovative Economy (Bloomberg Analytics, 2020)
  • #4 Workforce Productivity (Defined by GDP per capita, U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis 2019)
  • #4 in Knowledge Jobs (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
  • #3 Managerial, Professional and Technical Jobs (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)

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