Certified Sites Form

Owners, brokers, or municipalities must apply for a property to be certified. AdvanceCT will review the property, and if it meets the qualifiers, we will request the following due diligence documents:

  • *Current Ownership Structure/Documented Site Control (and letter of support)
  • *Municipal letter of support (commitment to re-zone, permit/approval schedule)
  • *Documentation of Sales Price/Conditions of Sale or Lease from controlling entity
  • *Easements, judgements, and liens
  • *Environmental audits (Phase 1)
  • *Topography Survey/Analysis
  • *Letter of support from utility providers (power, gas, water, wastewater)
  • *Wetlands Delineation (maps/reports); Flood zones
  • Plan for mitigation of wetlands (cost, timeline, etc.)
  • Report/Maps of rare or endangered plant/animal species, archeological findings, historic sites or structures, etc.
  • Title search (50-year history)
  • Site exemption status
  • Engineer certification of filled areas
  • Letter of support from rail provider
  • Telecommunication services information
  • Additional Competitive Advantage Info
  • Labor Force Assessment
  • DOT letter describing plans for road improvements
  • Incentives associated with the property
  • Schedule/commitment for improvements

*Indicates mandatory documents

Certified Sites