Connecticut: Tomorrow’s Economy

Connecticut is a leader in innovation, investing heavily in R&D and talent. For centuries, Connecticut has been a haven for original ideas and fresh thinking and this drive toward the future has made the state home to acclaimed scientists, inventors, and creators, producing the first functional helicopter, anesthesia, the color television, and many more amazing discoveries.

A unique mixture of pioneering start-ups, established industry leaders, and emerging innovators, alongside natural and cultural treasures, nationally ranked schools, and an exceptionally productive workforce has drawn workers and companies of all kinds to the state. These factors have resulted in Connecticut boasting the 2nd most Fortune 500 companies per capita in the U.S., with 2 Fortune 100, 14 Fortune 500, and 28 Fortune 1000 companies located throughout the state. Regardless of a company’s size, Connecticut has the talent to fuel their growth, and that talent is the cornerstone of our economy. 

Leading the Way Towards the Future

  • #2 Highest Patent Activity in the U.S.1
  • #4 Most Innovative Economy2
  • #6 in Workforce Productivity3
  • #1 State for Federal Defense Contract Spending Per Capita4
  • #7 in Foreign Direct Investment in USD5
  • 38 World-class Colleges & Universities, including Yale & UConn
  • #3 Highest Percentage of Employees with Advanced Degrees6
  • #4 for Human Capital Investment7
  • #6 Highest Concentration of Engineers8
  • #8 Most Venture Capital Dollars Per Capita9

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