Connecticut is a global destination for the financial and insurance industries - industries that are fueling growth in the Fintech space. As companies create new approaches to insurance, including better customer service, new acquisition channels, enhanced underwriting, and automated claims processing they have opportunities to work with Fortune 500 companies headquartered in Connecticut -like Hartford. This need, combined with proximity to Manhattan, Boston and other east coast cities, has driven the growth of Connecticut’s fintech industry. 

Key Facts

  • Connecticut ranks #10 in the U.S. for venture capital deals per capita (Pitchbook, 2023; U.S. Census Bureau 2022 Population Estimate; AdvanceCT calculations)
  • UConn’s Coding Boot Camp is preparing working professionals for IT jobs (Kelser)
  • #1 Digital Economy (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
  • Connecticut is #4 in the U.S. for Knowledge Jobs (Information Technology Innovation Foundation, 2020)

The Connecticut Technology Council, a statewide trade association focused on technology companies, is one of the organizations helping to inform and advocate on behalf of the industry.

Talent Pipeline

  • Connecticut’s community colleges and universities are preparing the next generation of technology leaders. 
  • Capital Community College offers an A.S. in Computer Networking
  • Norwalk Community College offers an A.S. in Computer Security
  • Yale offers a B.A. and B.S. in Computer Science, along with combined majors in Electrical Engineering, Economics, Mathematics, and Psychology
  • UConn offers a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
  • Western Connecticut State University offers a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management Information Systems
  • Sacred Heart University offers an M.S. in Cybersecurity
  • University of Bridgeport offers an M.S. in Technology
  • University of New Haven offers an M.S. in Cybersecurity and Networks