Is Connecticut One of the Best States to Live in 2022?

Is Connecticut One of the Best States to Live in 2022? Main Photo

13 Sep 2022


If you’re interested in moving, it’s natural to ask, “Is Connecticut one of the best states to live in 2022?” The answer - absolutely! Connecticut continues to top the list as a top state to live because of our incredible economic opportunities and high quality of life.  For example, in Connecticut, you can work for a startup, midsize company, or Fortune 100 in the office or from home.

Here, you can build a good career in manufacturing, be a professor at a top university, be an executive with a global firm, or start your own business and secure funding from Connecticut’s large angel investor and hedge fund network. 

As for quality of life, Connecticut offers a ski-to-shore lifestyle. Our waterfront offers endless summertime fun, while our mountains are ideal for winter sports. Charming downtowns, an incredible food scene, and cultural activities round out the Connecticut experience. Perhaps that’s why thousands of families chose to leave New York for Connecticut during and after the pandemic. You can have it all in Connecticut and still be close to Manhattan and Boston. 

Is Connecticut One of the Best States to Live in 2022? 

These rankings demonstrate that Connecticut is among the Best States to Live in 2022.

  • #3 in Education and Health (WalletHub, 2022)
  • #3 in Healthcare (U.S. News, 2022)
  • #3 Best Airport in the U.S.  (Bradley International) (Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, 2021)
  • #2 Public School System (WalletHub 2021)
  • #1 for College Readiness (US News & World Report, 2021)

In addition to strong healthcare and education systems, Connecticut also has abundant green space. There is a park within 15 minutes of every resident! 

Learn more about living in Connecticut and why we are one of the best states to live in!