What Is Connecticut’s Park City Wind Farm Project?

What Is Connecticut’s Park City Wind Farm Project? Main Photo

13 Sep 2022


Connecticut’s Park City Wind Farm project is an 804-megawatt offshore wind project that is being constructed 22 miles off the coast to harness the strongest winds on the east coast. The project is contained within Avangrid Renewables’ federally designated lease area and will have significant energy and economic benefits for the state of Connecticut.

How Will Connecticut’s Park City Wind Farm Project Benefit Businesses? 

Park City Wind will generate clean, renewable energy for Connecticut. Businesses and residents will have access to a reliable fixed-price, low-cost energy source for the foreseeable future. Given global concerns over energy reliability, tapping into the east coast’s abundant wind supply is strategic for Connecticut. Connecticut can support long-term economic growth with another reliable energy source, including in the advanced manufacturing sector. 

Connecticut supports growth in the renewable energy sector and has programs to incentivize investment. As a result, Connecticut is the #1 lowest impact state on climate change, according to WalletHub. 

Renewable energy companies, like Advangrid, also benefit from Connecticut’s robust talent development ecosystem, which includes 38 colleges and universities offering programs that feed into the industry. 

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