Tech Talent Lives in Connecticut

Strategically located along the Northeastern I-95 technology corridor, Connecticut is home to some of the nation’s top universities and boasts a technology ecosystem that includes access to venture capital, partners, incubators, industry associations and a talent pool that ranks as one of the top in the United States. Home to IT giants, biotech innovators, and one of the nation’s only quantum labs at Yale University, Connecticut’s tech sector is well-diversified and positioned to thrive. 

Connecticut boasts one of the fastest growing tech hubs in the country and significantly outpaces growth nationally, with tech supportive jobs rising by 5.3% in 20221 while other hubs, including neighboring New York City, contracted.


Key Facts

  • 60,700 tech jobs in Connecticut2
  • 7,300​ technology establishments in the state3
  • 13% of all U.S. tech traded cluster jobs are within 120 miles of Stamford, CT4
  • 16% of all U.S. tech traded cluster GRP is produced within 120 miles of Hartford, CT5
  • #9 for highest 5-year tech job growth6
  • #5 best tech talent pipeline7
  • #1 Digital Economy8
  • #1 in Health IT adoption – a key indicator of healthcare innovation9
  • #4 in the U.S. for Knowledge Jobs10
  • #4 in the U.S for having the most innovative economy11
  • #9 most innovation potential in the U.S.12
  • #10 in the U.S. for venture capital deals per capita13


Innovation Corridor

Connecticut’s Innovation Corridor, stretching from Stamford along the shore to New Haven and up the Connecticut River to Hartford, which was named one of the Top 20 best tech cities for IT jobs in the country14, has the infrastructure, partners, and industry support to help your business thrive.

The state’s abundance of workforce partners, like UConn’s Stamford Data Science Initiative and Yale University, feed tech talent needs, with burgeoning tech subsectors thriving amid Connecticut’s green energy and defense hub in New London, life sciences hub in New Haven, and nation-leading insurance and financial services hub in Hartford.


Film & Digital Media

From ESPN and NBC Sports Group to ITV America and WWE, the state is home to hundreds of production and post-production facilities, studios, game designers, software developers, and other digital and communications pioneers. More than 21,000 new media workers are employed at over 3,200 establishments in Connecticut15 in an industry that has seen 44% job growth over the last 10 years16.


“Whoever says that [Connecticut] is not a place to draw people, and you need to go to a place like New York City, completely has it wrong... This is a place that's really going to be able to command us to get good paying career jobs for people in the industry.”

— Joseph Larizza, CEO & President of Mirador


Technology Support in Connecticut

Connecticut’s growing technology sector includes global digital communications brands like ESPN, technology startups coming out of Yale and UConn, and businesses meeting the increased demand for cybersecurity, fintech, and insurtech services. With a strong network of support, technology companies are thriving in Connecticut. 


Technology Industry Sector Snapshot


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  • industry trends and dynamics
  • concentrations of talent and workforce pipelines in Connecticut
  • Connecticut's regulatory environment
  • logistical and infrastructure considerations
  • the state’s strengths for companies in the state
  • data and resources for companies seeking market entry into Connecticut


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