Workforce Programs in Connecticut

Governor’s Workforce Council LogoConnecticut’s Workforce Development Program is led by the Governor’s Workforce Council, in partnership with the Department of Economic and Community Development, AdvanceCT, and a number of other partners around the state.

With the support of state government organizations and private sector partners, Connecticut offers custom workforce solutions to Connecticut’s employers. 

In combination with the state’s inherent workforce assets, Connecticut offers a compelling talent proposition for companies setting up operations in our state. Connecticut has:

  • An educated population
  • A skilled workforce seeking opportunities
  • A workforce support infrastructure to complement the talent pool and meet business needs

Connecticut Is:

  • The 5th most educated workforce in the United States (Wallethub, 2021)
  • 3rd in the United States for adults with advanced degrees (U.S. Census Bureau, 2020)
  • 7th in the United States for workforce productivity (Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2020)
  • 2nd in the nation for public school quality (Wallethub, 2020)

Governor’s Workforce Council Overview:

Coordinated statewide strategy to build equitable, inclusive, innovative workforce.

4 Priority Areas:

Business Leadership


Equity and Access


  • Over 300 stakeholders are members/advisors to the Council, including business leaders, educators, philanthropic and community-based organizations
  • Training and funding provided by state and local agencies, educational institutions, private companies, others
  • Scaling to meet industry-wide needs
  • Responding to urgent workforce requirements
  •  Workforce pipeline development for key industry sectors
  • Training and placement for marginalized residents