Foreign Trade Zones

Connecticut companies have access to 4 FTZs stretching along the shoreline from Bridgeport, New Haven, and New London to Windsor Locks in north central Connecticut, allowing for reduced duty payments and other savings. With 0-90 days to operation and the 11th most exports from FTZ activity, Connecticut will help your business access international markets.

Key Benefits of Operating in a CT FTZ

Duty Exemption

No duties or quota charges on re-exported merchandise from the FTZ

Duty Deferral

Customs duties and federal excise taxes are deferred on imports until they leave the FTZ and enter U.S. Customs territory

Zone-to-Zone Transfers

Merchandise may be transferred under bond from one FTZ to another without payment of duty

Duty Reduction (Inverted Tariff)

Companies can choose to pay the duty rate of finished products that have a lower tariff rate than its foreign components

Foreign Trade Zones in Connecticut

FTZ No. 76


Grantee: Bridgeport Port Authority

Companies Engaging in/Approved For FTZ Activity: ASML, MannKind Corporation, SDI USA

Martha Klimas
(203) 576-7090

FTZ No. 162

New Haven

Grantee: Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce

Companies Engaging in/Approved for FTZ Activity: Waterfront Enterprises

Maggie Targove
(203) 946-6778

FTZ No. 208

New London

Grantee: New London Foreign Trade Commission

Companies Engaging in/Approved for FTZ Activity: Pfizer, Sheffield Pharmaceuticals 

Tom Bombria
(860) 437-6346

FTZ No. 71

Windsor Locks

Grantee: Economic Development Commission of Windsor Locks

Companies Engaging in/Approved for FTZ Activity: REM Sales, 3PL Worldwide

Dan Carstens
(860) 306-3214

Companies Engaged In/Approved for FTZ Activity in CT

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