Bring Your Headquarters to Connecticut

Connecticut is home to 2 Fortune 100, 14 Fortune 500 and 25 Fortune 1000 companies. Globally recognized brands like ESPN, Xerox and Cigna have made their headquarters in Connecticut. Access to a highly skilled, highly educated workforce is a key driver in their decision to do so, as are our 38 universities that are focused on research and workforce development. Connecticut has one of the most educated and productive workforces in the entire country. That, combined with a strong business ecosystem and access to major east coast markets like NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington D.C. have made Connecticut the ideal destination for startups, national and global companies.

Key Advantages

“Number one was a very pro-business attitude exemplified by those in the state government. Second was easy access to intellectual capital, great people with a strong work ethic. Third was access to transportation. We’re only a hop, skip and a jump to major airports and Manhattan.”

- The Navigators Group CEO Stan Galanski on relocating their headquarters from New York to Stamford.

“Connecticut’s universities are great engines of innovation. Those ideas attract capital, both from the private sector and public sector. Together, with Connecticut’s talent pool, those are the three ingredients for a successful bioscience company.”

 -  Arvinas Founder Craig Crews on launching a pharmaceutical enterprise in New Haven

Key Facts

  • #2 U.S. Patent Activity (Bloomberg Innovation Index, 2020)
  • #6 Human Capital Investment Composite Index (Milken Institute, 2020)
  • 38 World-class Colleges & Universities, including Yale & UConn
  • #4 High wage traded services (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
  • #1 Digital Economy (Information Technology & Innovation Foundation)
  • 2 Fortune 100 Companies
  • 14 Fortune 500 Companies
  • 25 Fortune 1000 Companies