Connecticut is Leading the Way in Advanced Manufacturing

Connecticut is home to manufacturing pioneers - from multinational OEMs to leading suppliers of components, composites, and related services of all types. Together, they form one of America’s most successful and forward-thinking advanced manufacturing ecosystems - powering today’s advances and innovation in precision processes, breakthrough fabrications, and patented products.

Producing Innovation

Industries across Connecticut range from jet aircraft engines and helicopters to submarines to hydrogen fuel cells to signal processing and navigational tools to power systems, medical devices, and biotechnology. Connecticut’s workforce has not only mastered the new tools of advanced manufacturing, they know how to innovate with them.

Key Facts

  • 4,400 advanced manufacturing companies call Connecticut home (CT DECD MIF Report)
  • 162,800 highly-skilled, highly-productive workers are in Connecticut’s advanced manufacturing sector
  • #5 in Manufacturing value added index (State New Economy Index)
  • 92% of Connecticut’s exports come from advance manufacturing (CT Manufacturing Report)
  • 14.6% growth in manufacturing exports from 2010 - 2018 (National Association of Manufacturers
  • $16 billion - volume of exports from Connecticut’s advanced manufacturers in 2019 (U.S. Census Bureau)