Three German Companies Announce Expansions in Connecticut

13 Apr 2023

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Three German Companies Announce Expansions in Connecticut

Connecticut Sees Jump in Corporate Expansions as Three German Companies Grow Their Operations

New Haven, Connecticut – April 14, 2023 – AdvanceCT today announced that several companies recently expanded their business in Connecticut, including German companies: TRUMPF, BioMed X, and Roehm

Farmington-based TRUMPF North America announced plans to hire an additional 55 people, add 55,800 sq. ft. to their existing facility, and invest an additional $40M for its expansion. This project will be TRUMPF’s sixth expansion since the company first set up operations in Connecticut in 1969.

“Smart factories are critical to the next generation of manufacturing. Not only do Smart Factories keep manufacturers efficient, productive and competitive in the market, these advanced facilities are less dependent on manual labor and instead create technology-oriented jobs where people want to work today and in the future,” said TRUMPF Inc. President & CEO Lutz Labisch. “We hope the TRUMPF Inc. Smart Factory that will be housed in this expansion will serve as model for manufacturers in Connecticut and across the United States by highlighting what can be achieved in automated and connected precision sheet metal production. And we hope it will be a place that our employees are proud to work in and show off to the thousands of guests who visit our campus here in Farmington each year.”

Heidelberg-based BioMed X, a biomedical research institute, recently announced their first operation in New Haven, which will focus on immunology and tissue engineering research. The initial phase of their operations will employ 6 researchers and be located in close proximity to Yale University, one of the life sciences industry’s most valued research partners.

Roehm, a German manufacturing company producing specialty chemicals, announced a 15,000 sq. ft. Innovation Center that will be located adjacent to its existing facility in Wallingford. Roehm’s newly built “Center of Excellence” for Molding Compound Technologies will be the headquarters for all of Roehm’s global medical research and development. The company will employ an additional 8 people and focus on Cryolite and Acrylite molding compound solutions.

“German companies have always had an affinity for Connecticut”, said Peter Denious, CEO of AdvanceCT. “Companies find the talent and expertise they need, particularly in advanced manufacturing and life sciences.   Connecticut’s economy is in many ways a mirror image of the German economy: a deep focus on engineering, R&D and innovation.   Our costs are significantly lower than our neighbors and we have the experienced highly trained and educated workforce that German companies need.”

“TRUMPF North America, BioMed X, and Roehm will be joining many other German companies in Connecticut, such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Bayer Pharmaceutical Corporation, and Henkel”, said John Bourdeaux, President of AdvanceCT. “Connecticut has a strong research and development infrastructure underpinned by Yale and the University of Connecticut. Connecticut is an excellent place for German Mittelstand companies to locate. We expect to see more pharmaceutical and medical device companies enter the North American market through Connecticut.”


Connecticut, the third smallest state in the U.S. by area, is home to 98 German companies.

These three projects represent approximately 70 announced jobs, 70,800 sq. ft in facilities and $40M in capital investment.

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