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Leverage CT SiteFinder to promote available properties in your community.  Use the form below to purchase a Pay-Per-Listing.


For $100 per listing, you can post a property on CT SiteFinder for up to one year.  No limit on how many pay per listing properties you can have; posting fee is non-refundable and not transferable to another listing; and paid fees cannot be credited toward full membership.  Properties must be reviewed every three months, and you will receive access to a limited administration area to manage posted listings.  You also can post an Active Needs (but not view), manage broker contact information, and receive Broker Alert emails from AdvanceCT for urgent needs and other communication.

CT SiteFinder Pay-Per-Listing Agreement:
Property will be listed for one year from the date initial payment is received; after the duration of a year the property will require a $100 renewal payment to remain active on CT SiteFinder Properties must be either owned or listed exclusively with current Listing Agreement or a representative must have express written consent from the owner to post the property on CT SiteFinder. Properties must be approved by CT SiteFinder staff prior to going live on the site. Properties must be reviewed every three months. The posting fee is non-refundable and not transferable to another listing. Previously paid fees cannot be applied toward a full membership.

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