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What licenses are required for a winery and/or brewery?

The following agencies oversee and license the manufacturing and sale of alcoholic beverages:

The Liquor Control Division of the  Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection requires a liquor permit. Contact: (860) 713-6210 or  Visit:

The distribution of alcoholic beverages requires a surety or cash bond (Form OR-131) from the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.  Once bond is obtained, file for sales and use tax and then Addendum D Alcoholic Beverage Distributors License.  Also, wineries file form REG-15 - Small Winery Certificate. Review the following publications/information:

The U.S. Department of Justice Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms ( requires retailers and manufacturers of alcohol (i.e. brew pubs) to register. The Bureau also regulates the operation of distilleries, wineries, and breweries as well as, importers and wholesalers in the industry. Note: as of the 1/1/03, the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB, is responsible for all inquiries regarding regulation of the alcohol and tobacco industries imposed on manufacturers and importers of these products.  Contact the agency: 202-453-2000 or

Are farms required to be licensed/registered?
The Connecticut Department of Agriculture provides guidance on licensing requirements for farmers including aquaculture.  Licensing is dependent on the types of products produced and sold.  If manufacturing or distributing products, such as feed or fertilizer, additional registrations may be required.  For further business development assistance, contact the agency at (860) 713-2500 or or visit

Additional Agencies
Connecticut Agriculture Experiment Station, Office of State Entomologist oversees licensing, inspection and regulations for nursery stock - trees, shrubs and vines grown for commercial use.  Contact the agency: (203) 974-8474 or Visit:

The Connecticut Cooperative Extension System through the University of Connecticut provides guidelines and resources for hydroponic (water) farming. Contact: (860) 486-9228 or  Visit:

The Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection regulates activities that may impact the state's natural resources and environment.  The agency administers permitting programs that protect the state's resources.  Review the "User's Guide" and contact the agency at (860) 424-3003 or

Farm vehicles need to be registered through the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles.  Contact: (860) 263-5700 or 800-842-8222 or Visit

Farmer's are eligible for the Farmer Tax Exemption Permit (form REG-8) and must apply for the Sales and Use Tax Certificate with the Connecticut Department of Revenue Services.  Contact: 800-382-9463 or (860) 297-5962 or  Visit: 
Other Agriculture Programs
Northeast Organic Farming Association of Connecticut (NOFA).  Contact: (203) 888-5146 or  Visit:

For details and information on various agricultural programs at state universities, contact the universities directly.