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Business Entity Formation/Management

How is physical presence defined?

*Physical Presence means:

  • Connecticut location with an associated street address (including home based office)
  • Employee actively selling in-person to clients in the state (out-of-state and instate residents)
  • Company vehicles delivering products/services to customers in the state.  Does not include common carriers such as UPS, FedEx and etc..  
  • In the situation where no transactions physically occur within the state, no registration or licensing is required.  This also holds true for a company that hires a Connecticut resident to perform a function which does not include selling products or services to Connecticut customers.  For example, an employee offering administrative support or other services which are specialized for the offices based in another state. Or, an out-of-state company that sells strictly by the internet and uses a common carrier to deliver their product or service.
  • If you are still uncertain, we recommend consulting a business attorney.

If your company determines that physical presence exists, the following link provides you access to a business registration outline.