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How We Feel App

The How We Feel app was developed by leading health experts from several institutions, including Harvard University, MIT, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Weizmann Institute of Science. It is an initiative to anonymously provide scientists with critical health information needed to understand the spread of COVID-19. Users self-report basic health information into the app once per day, and the data is anonymously provided to leading medical institutions so scientists and public health officials can better spot emerging outbreaks early, identify new populations who are at risk, and measure the efficacy of public health measures such as social distancing.

Available to download for free in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store, it is supported by a nonprofit organization and does not require logging in or the sharing of any personal details, such as name or email address. In addition to being available to download to mobile devices, users can also complete the survey through a web version available at

Getting this data to the medical community as quickly as possible enables them to make faster decisions to help slow or contain the virus. When they have a better idea of who is sick, how sick they are, and where they are, there’s the potential to increase testing, deploy additional resources, and ultimately save lives. It also will help our decision makers to more quickly get our state back to work.