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Resources for CT Retailers & Restaurants

Several strategies exist that can help small businesses adapt their operations to fit the changing landscape.

Sell Gift Cards

Selling gift cards will provide your business with immediate cash flow, while giving customers something to look forward to. Here is some guidance on how to set up gift cards within your business.

  • E-gift cards are a great option that promotes social distancing. We highly encourage merchants to spend the time to research all options available to them to ensure the right choice is made for their business. Most of the resources we’ve listed below ensure the business receives payment instantly or within two business days.
    • All Businesses
      • GiftFly – GiftFly is a Connecticut-based company that allows customers to purchase e-gift cards through an app. No existing POS required.
      • Square – Square offers an e-gift card program that seamlessly integrates into their POS interface. You must be a Square customer to use this service.
      • GiftUp – GiftUp is an add-on service to an existing website. It requires an online payment system such as PayPal, Stripe, or Square.
    • Restaurants Only
      • Toast Now – Toast Now is currently offering a free, three-month, service to help restaurants set up a digital ordering system as well as e-gift cards. You do not need to be a Toast POS customer to enjoy this free service!
      • Feel free to visit and click on the "Add Your Restaurant" option. Note that you will need to provide a link to where customers can purchase your gift cards, so please make sure that functionality is enabled.

Promote Pre-Orders

Selling products via pre-order will give business owners short-term financing while creatively promoting select items in your inventory. Here are great resources for building a pre-order strategy and how to effectively set up a pre-order system.

Enhance Your Online Footprint

If your business does not currently have a strong website or online retail space, here is a great guide for how to set one up. If you already have an online presence, here are some great strategies to take your online footprint to the next level.

Create Flexible Service Options

If your restaurant doesn’t currently allow for take-out or delivery, consider adding those options to promote sales. Here is guidance on how to add your business to Grubhub, Doordash, and Uber Eats. Also, having an option for customers to place orders online is critical. Here are some good online ordering systems for small restaurants.