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Town of Putnam - Quinebaug Regional Technology Park

In collaboration with three other local communities, the Town of Putnam developed the Quinebaug Regional Technology Park, a first-of-its-kind joint establishment poised to build upon its prime location in northeastern Connecticut and attract industries that are already strong in the region, such as aerospace and advanced manufacturing. Along with being located near Putnam’s vibrant downtown, the Tech Park is also situated close to the state’s public research institution, UCONN, and likely to attract entrepreneurs to this location. 

Prior to a formal engagement with a real estate professional to market the available properties, the Town decided to identify cost-effective tactics that might be used to target potential tenants. The Town sought assistance in defining a marketing strategy to attract industry companies to locate in the Tech Park. AdvanceCT was hired to develop a strategy and plan with appropriate tactics to market the development opportunities. As the first step in the process, AdvanceCT conducted a focus group with Town officials and select real estate professionals to help determine the best methods for promotion and outreach efforts. Using the feedback, AdvanceCT created a marketing workplan to guide the Town in next steps for implementation. 

The recommendations included developing a logo and tagline to showcase the unique attributes of the Tech Park and local area. AdvanceCT then worked with the Town to create branding that worked with the Town’s vision and strategy, and provided a clear and unique identity. The Town is now armed with a marketing plan and brand to actively perform outreach to fill vacancies.