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Town of Manchester

The leaders in Manchester, Connecticut were interested in a better understanding of some of the potential economic activities associated with the proposed production studio in the neighboring town of South Windsor and how those activities may affect Manchester. Their goal was to determine if any proactive steps could be taken in order to be prepared for this new development.

The town of Manchester has not had much, if any, experience with the film industry. These analyses would help them to not only learn how they could potentially capitalize on the new development, but also would be an opportunity to become more educated about the industry.

AdvanceCT incorporated various quantitative and qualitative analyses to analyze the effects of the studio’s activities on Manchester.

  • We used a customized model to determine which industries are the largest suppliers to the production studio by examining linkages among suppliers. This identified which industries could thrive and have the potential to either expand or relocate into the area.
  • A series of maps of businesses in the identified industries were created to recognize where in the region businesses that could provide goods and services to the studios are located. The maps will included transportation access and other landmarks, and can be used as informational or marketing pieces to prospective vendors or businesses. In addition, AdvanceCT created a current zoning map of the town to determine where there is existing land or facilities for new or expanding companies, as well as areas for multi-family zoning options (assuming that the demand for temporary, rental housing for crews working on assignments would increase).
  • AdvanceCT interviewed key contacts in out-of-state locations that have seen recent investment and construction in production studios similar to the one being developed in South Windsor to acquire a better understanding of the effects the studios had on the local economies. These interviews explored whether there were observable changes in demand for housing and local services; if increases in expenditures from the transient and new resident workers were noted; what are the location, physical and utility requirements for industries expanding as a result of the production studios; what industries relocated or expanded in the regions, and a general sense regarding how the areas have adapted to the changes associated with the new studios.

AdvanceCT provided the town of Manchester with a full technical report and executive summary that highlighted key findings and presented these results to the town. Manchester’s location and economic structure will most certainly allow its businesses to participate in the regional growth associated with the pending development of the CT Studios facility in South Windsor.