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Plainville Business Survey

The Town of Plainville was interested in better understanding the opinions of the business community.  The Town wished to use the information from survey findings to enhance its economic competitiveness by better serving the business community.  The Town hired AdvanceCT’s research staff to conduct the business survey, analyze the results, and provide recommendations for the next steps.

The Town wanted to be aware of issues related to doing business in Plainville.  By surveying members of this community answers could be compiled on matters including accessibility of the municipal departments, workforce, infrastructure, use of services and chamber activities. 

AdvanceCT assisted the Town in the formulation and implementation of a web-based business survey by:

  • Utilizing business lists;
  • Drafting a custom web-based survey;  
  • Administering the web-based survey;
  • Summarizing the findings in a report that analyzed the responses; and
  • Recommending next courses of action for the town

The survey results were generally positive for the Town, and uncovered some opportunities for the town to review and prioritize in order to enhance business competitiveness.  AdvanceCT was asked to present the survey findings to Plainville Economic Development Agency officials during a meeting. 

The full report can be found here.