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City of Meriden - Branding and Marketing

The city of Meriden has a wealth of unique assets, like a rich history, beautiful landscapes and parks, a diverse culture and sense of community, good educational opportunities (including newly renovated schools), and an inviting business climate and central location.

Through an agreement with a media firm who was locating their new digital billboard on municipal property along I-91 in Meriden, the city was able to secure billboard advertising and approached AdvanceCT to develop signage to promote the municipality. Since it had been many years since a new logo/tagline had been developed by the city officials, AdvanceCT recommended a campaign to conduct branding and integrate a new look and feel across all of Meriden’s marketing materials. A brainstorming session was held with town staff and local businesses to gather input for the branding, and as a result, the “Meriden2020” logo was developed along with the tagline “Bringing It. Together.” Subsequently, AdvanceCT created various billboards using this theme for the city, and tied the brand into new marketing materials, like letterhead, folders, ads, flyers, banners, PPT and website.

The result was a more modern, cohesive campaign that will promote the new developments happening in the city, the confident, proud attitude that exists among the residents and businesses, and enhance the uniqueness and perception of Meriden as a great place to live, work and play.

"We have worked with AdvanceCT since 2013 on marketing, branding and strategic planning.  I would recommend AdvanceCT's marketing services to any and all Connecticut municipalities looking to promote their economic development programs and services with the goal to increase new business development in their community."

-Juliet Burdelski, Director of Economic Development, City of Meriden