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Working Together on an Economic Development Deal

Posted on by Bob Santy

Well… obviously I am not in the office today.  Once again, we’re at the Travelers Championship at the TPC in Cromwell. Many of you know that for the last few years, we’ve done the economic impact analysis for the tournament and we were able to announce, earlier this year, a $68 million dollar impact that this tournament has on the state’s economy. Economic impact analyses are something we do for a number of clients across the state.

It’s a great day for golf - a great season for golf - and a good time for me to remind everybody that on July 30th we’ll be having the AdvanceCT 25th Anniversary Celebration and Golf Event at Lyman Orchards.  Once again, we’re doing it a little differently this year with golf starting early in the morning and then lunch with a panel… the panel is going to be comprised of people who have worked together on doing an economic development deal in a town including the attorney, the owner, the town planner which should be really interesting for our audience of people who really want to know how to do economic development in Connecticut.

So July 30th is the date… you can buy a ticket just to the lunch if you don’t happen to be a golfer, or come down and golf and join us for the panel as well.

By the way, what I am really thinking about is my vacation - I’ll be studying economic development in Seattle, San Francisco, and Denver over the next two weeks.  So, I’ll report to you when I get back!