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What Can AdvanceCT's Business Services Do For You?

Posted on by Beth Wallace

Last week, while cleaning out my office space, I found a button with the statement “I’m From the State and I'm Here to Help.”  Wow this button is old!!!  It gave me a feeling of nostalgia – and in reflecting back on the State’s history, I realized that AdvanceCT has been and continues to be part of making Connecticut a business-friendly environment.  It’s one of the things we do best. 

I believe the services offered through AdvanceCT’s Business Hotline (once called the Business Response Center, anyone remember that?) are top notch, and our award winning customer service focuses on “the customer.” Most businesses that use our clearinghouse to access resources and guidance are amazed that there is a live, friendly person that is knowledgeable about their business situation and willing to “go the extra mile” to service the customer’s needs. Our approach to communication, customer service and most importantly a streamlined and simplified methodology goes a long way in servicing the business community – and businesses continue to demonstrate their appreciation. 

Who do we service?
Businesses wishing to start, expand or relocate in Connecticut.

What services do we offer? 

How do we service the customer?

  • Partnership with the State of Connecticut
  • Live representatives staffing a toll-free 800 line – Business Helpline
  • Inquiries through the online contact form and direct emails

What valuable tools do we utilize to service the customer?

Yes, we are still “here to help” and encourage you to reach out to our office if you know of anyone looking to start, expand, or relocate a business here in Connecticut.