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The Opportunity of Being Part of a Transformational Process

Posted on by Bob Santy

Did you ever think of all the people ...and disciplines… it takes to create a successful economic development deal? Some probably don’t identify that as their occupation... land use attorney, environmental engineer, housing advocate, P&Z member, developer, owner, commercial broker, construction manager, the list goes on and on. Each of these professionals is impacting the development and therefore the character of their communities. Think of how we could improve our communities and our economic growth if we got everybody to think of themselves as a team member... we could streamline regulations, shorten the approval time, get community input in a useful manner, etc.

How Can We do That?

Here at AdvanceCT we work on these issues everyday. Through our municipal workshops, 70 Connecticut towns have learned how to build their economic development team, and they are using tools like our municipal economic development self-assessment to see what their options are and to set priorities.
AdvanceCT is also convening Connecticut’s economic development regions on a quarterly basis. The regions learn from each other and from speakers, and interact with state economic development officials. This type of collaboration can only improve our economic development outcomes.

And we regularly meet with the state’s commercial brokerage community who are members of the AdvanceCT SiteFinder program. Now we want to broaden that group of professional to include many of the disciplines I mention above.

Our goal is to get everyone that plays a role in development to see that they are part of a transformational process to build capacity to grow our communities while maintaining their unique character...what an opportunity!