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Supporting Connecticut’s Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Posted on by Beth Wallace

A recent Kaufmann Foundation post by Kayla Smalley - Homegrown Economies with An Entrepreneurial Mindset – sets forth the idea that entrepreneurialism is the foundation for our local economies to flourish and we need to nurture this mindset in our society.

Laying the Foundation

We must realize that this concept is not a new idea but worth revisiting. Society is diverse and with diversity comes unique characteristics which make up naturally occurring ecosystems.  Our economies will flourish if society nurtures the ecosystems and maintain their uniqueness and diversity.  And, nurturing directly correlates to society’s mindset.


Mindset is attitudinal and is something that society creates and nurtures in a variety of ways, but most importantly in my opinion, the root comes from learning and communication.

Recently my young adult children, who are just starting to venture into the world of a productive workforce as well as considering their educational options, endured their mother’s entrepreneurial mindset life lesson which includes three points:

  1. You will never stop learning. 
Our ecosystems are dependent on learning from and supporting each other.  Networking, clustering, educational opportunities through traditional and non-traditional academics, seminars, webinars, podcasts, trainings, school of “hard knocks” and the like are all opportunities to learn. Be in the know and stay current.
  2. Think like an entrepreneur in how you approach your work. 
For the purpose of this blog and in the interest of time, I am going to assume you know what thinking like an entrepreneur entails but the bottom line is it sparks a sense of creativity with solutions to address a need and competition to think outside the box.
  3. There is an advantage to being both unique and diverse
. Diversity and uniqueness is essential to understanding the components that make up an ecosystem.  Thriving economies contain ecosystems that are supported by “like-minded” and not so “like-minded” entrepreneurs that best utilize these differences to effectively transfer of wealth within our economy.  Success comes with how well entrepreneurs communicate internally amongst each other within the ecosystems as well outbound to their customers.

AdvanceCT plays a major role in supporting Connecticut’s entrepreneurial mindset.  In particular, Business Services imparts knowledge and information on the multitude of Connecticut’s programs, resources, and networks for entrepreneurs; we educate by creating and maintaining content on AdvanceCT’s website, as well as, present through training sessions, podcasts, webinars, blogs, and more.  Want to be “in the know?” Subscribe and stay in touch!