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Streamlining the Land Use Regulatory Process

Posted on by Courtney Hendricson

As developers and applicants look fondly on municipalities that are streamlined and able to get development up and running quickly, the question for towns and cities becomes, how do our local land use policies incentivize and streamline economic development projects?  And how does this affect the reputation of our community in the eyes of potential developers and applicants?

In this episode of CERCONOMY, AdvanceCT’s Vice President of Municipal Services, Courtney Hendricson, is joined by Karen Pollard, the Economic Development Director for the Town of New Milford, Connecticut to continue their conversation on the topic of streamlining the land use regulatory process at the recent IEDC Conference, where they presented to a room of economic developers from across the U.S, Canada, and the U.K. Listen as Courtney and Karen share ways that towns and cities can make their processes predictable and consistent, and ideas that have worked in the Town of New Milford.