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Research Expertise for the Real Estate Market

Posted on by Rachel Gretencord

Many listeners are familiar with the free resources that AdvanceCT offers for information on the Connecticut commercial real estate market - such as property listings on AdvanceCT SiteFinder®; and the AdvanceCT Town Profiles, however, AdvanceCT also offers project-based services for real estate as well.

In this episode of CERCONOMY, Rachel Gretencord, AdvanceCT’s Financial and Real Estate Analyst, highlights the services offered through recent real estate projects including a market feasibility study for the City of Norwalk; an economic development strategy for the Town of Manchester including a review of funding opportunities; for a town in New London County, an impact study on a potential housing development prior to going to the municipality for approval; and in Litchfield County, AdvanceCT partnered with an architectural firm to produce a feasibility study for a historic adaptive reuse project.