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Planting Seeds for Your Town's Economic Development Future

Posted on by Courtney Hendricson

Have you been suffering from allergies like me over the last few weeks? Seems spring has sprung overnight! The flowers are blooming and the grass is greener each day. What economic development seeds did you plant this last year to ensure these fully formed flowers that we’re seeing now?

With spring comes municipal budgets being set for next fiscal year and several towns looking at what they have “left to spend” between now and June 30th in this fiscal year. AdvanceCT’s Municipal Services team is happy to talk to you about a small project we could accomplish with you in a short timeframe with a small budget.

In years past we have successfully conducted a survey of businesses, facilitated a charette to inform the POCD re-write, helped an economic development commission outline a 5-year action plan, and re-branded a community with a new logo and tagline – all in the last two months of the fiscal year with a few thousand dollars budget. This year we are getting requests to help with Opportunity Zones, grand list analysis, streamlining land use processes, and training elected officials in business visits, just to name a few.

If spring is making you sneeze and you are wondering how to fully realize the whole flower next year, let us help you plant some seeds for your town’s economic development future with a quick project that can be accomplished with little time and cost. We look forward to hearing from you. Happy Spring!