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One Team Approach to Economic Development

Posted on by Bob Santy

Wanted to bring you up to date on a number of things we’re doing to make sure you stay informed…

This week’s podcast is on the topic of the Transfer Act, with our guest, Mark Duclos from Sentry Commercial, and with the amendments to the act going through the legislature, I encourage you to take a listen, especially if this is something that impacts you. 

Our blog shares how we are collaborating with partner organizations as TeamCT to welcome international companies to Connecticut, and a recent visit by a German high tech industrial manufacturer where we came together to showcase the many assets in Connecticut and the benefits of doing business here. 

So much going on the next few weeks - next Wednesday, May 8th is Economic Development Day in Connecticut - and most of the economic development agencies at the state level, and regional groups will have exhibits at the Capitol to make sure legislators know what we’re doing in terms of economic development. Come join us if you have the opportunity.

And of course, visit our library of business resources, podcasts and upcoming webinars

Also wanted to share news of the transformation that is occurring here at AdvanceCT. You most likely know that we have new co-chairs, and have added five new members to the AdvanceCT Board recently. We are doing a lot of work on a new cluster strategy for the State of Connecticut, and a more inclusive and integrated approach to business development through the reinvigoration of TeamCT. 

This means that we need to horizontally and vertically integrate our economic efforts, with David Lehman as the Commissioner of Economic and Community Development and it’s so extremely important that he carries the title of Senior Economic Advisor to Governor Lamont. That gives him the opportunity to convene with his colleagues on the issues that cross silos - like the Transfer Act - to make sure that the economic growth goals that we have as a state are shared by the different agencies of government.

And when you talk about vertical integration, you’re really talking about how do we work with our regional partners, and our local partners, as one team to do economic development. We are impressed with Commissioner Lehman’s dedication to collaboration  - he’s asking us why we are even asking the question as to whether we need to collaborate - as that should be the starting point of economic development.

These are things that are transformative in our economic development approaches, and it is an exciting time to be doing economic development in Connecticut, and I hope you are catching the bug as well when it comes to the new approaches, and the role you can play on TeamCT as we move forward.