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New Year, New Governor, New Optimism for Economic Development in Connecticut

Posted on by Bob Santy

Happy new year to everybody - and happy to get through 2018 and start 2019 on an up note!

We have a political transition going on in the State of Connecticut - a new governor coming in - and of course everyone is anxious to know what his plans are going to be for economic development.

It looks like the new Governor is really going to take economic development seriously, from everything we're hearing, and I look forward to working with the transition and the new administration over the next few months so they understand how AdvanceCT can be helpful to them, and how we have put together a real group of partners - across the state of Connecticut at the regional level and the local level - many of you who work with us all of the time. 

So stand by - let's hope this is really going to be a great transition and mean a lot to economic growth for Connecticut in 2019! 

Happy New Year!