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Global to Local

Posted on by Jason Giulietti

Many of you may have heard our CEO, Bob Santy, discuss our Global to Local approach regarding attracting global companies while being prepared to welcome them locally. This concept has very much become a reality. AdvanceCT, in partnership with the Department of Economic Development, has developed and continues to execute a complex international business attraction strategy. Couple this with our efforts at the municipal level that now includes two full-time employees and a consultant working with towns across the state. This effort has recently been recognized by the International Economic Development Council (IEDC), and my colleague, Courtney Hendricson are excited to be presenting at the IEDC Annual Conference in Atlanta this October.

Are you wondering how to get started in your town? We suggest a couple key areas. One is to review the assets of your municipality. What type of type of investment are you interested in? Do you have a concentration of a particular industry? Do you have unique assets? Once you understand who you are, we suggest sharing this with AdvanceCT. Our team then can share those assets with potential clients and those interested in making investments. With Connecticut being such a small state, we can easily ensure you are at the forefront of potential investors.
In addition, a short while back we released a new series of podcasts and the Global to Local initiative is the latest episode. Among the podcasts, we share several different resources offered to companies interested in making an investment in the state. Please check them out - subscribe on iTunes or Google Play - and share them with colleagues. 
Lastly, think of the AdvanceCT team as a resource - please let us know how we can help you.