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Gaining Leadership Skills

Posted on by Sadie Colcord


In January 2019, I started participating in the Quest Program through Leadership Greater Hartford (LGH). LGH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing leadership training for a number of demographic cohorts located within the Greater Hartford area. Quest is a program targeted at mid-career professionals that includes monthly workshops on a number of leadership-related topics and a “capstone” type project in a sub-group that takes on a particular issue facing the Greater Hartford area. Last week marked my final workshop, with my project presentation and graduation coming in October.

I have taken away quite a bit from the program. One of the highlights was the Enneagram assessment, which is a type of personality assessment that sorts you into one of nine personality categories based on your behavior in a professional environment. The Enneagram has certainly helped me determine what drives my decision-making process at work, and thinking about the personality types of my co-workers and peers has given me some insight into their motivations as well, allowing me to better understand how to interact with them in the most productive way.

The Quest class also went on a few tours of Hartford, which has helped me connect better with all the amazing resources and opportunities offered by a number of different organizations in the area. I learned about the city’s history, cultural and recreational opportunities, and human services, among others, that make it such a special place to be.

My sub-group project has also been a great learning experience and a way to test out the leadership skills I have been picking up along the way. My group’s project is making recommendations to help LGH better sustain another program it offers, Leading Off Campus, which is geared toward college students. We evaluated the programs financial support, curriculum, and recruitment processes and discussed with LGH how the program can be improved. While this project had its challenges, it is an excellent case study for a real work environment.

I very much enjoyed the Quest Program and have met some amazing people who live and work in the Greater Hartford area. I recommend it for those looking to better acquaint themselves with the area while gaining leadership skills and engaging with peers.