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Fostering Scientific and Technological Creativity in Connecticut

Posted on by Alissa DeJonge

The Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE) is a non-profit, member organization established in 1976 by the Connecticut General Assembly modeled after the National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine.

In this episode, Alissa DeJonge, AdvanceCT's Vice President of Research, is joined by Terri Clark, the Executive Director of CASE, and Professor Baki Cetegen, CASE President and United Technologies Chair Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut to share the organization’s mission - how CASE serves the state through advice and information on science and technology to government, industry and people of Connecticut, providing opportunities for discourse on science and technology, conducting on behalf of the state the awarding of the Connecticut Medals of Science and Technology, and for providing recognition for significant STEM accomplishments of Connecticut middle and high school students.

A goal of the organization is to promote interest in science and engineering on the part of the public, especially young people. In 2018, Sophia Wang, a junior at Amity Regional High School, received a CASE award for her research project, “Real-Time Sinkhole Detection Using Civil Engineering Techniques, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Artificial Intelligence." Recently, Sophia was recognized, along with two other young female inventors, as part of Hasbro’s release of “Ms. Monoply." She received $20,580 in real money to continue her work as an inventor (the amount of monopoly money in the game).  Watch the video of Sophia learning of her award from Hasbro. 

For more information about CASE, visit or contact Terri Clark (via e-mail or phone 860-571-7143).