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Fiscal Stability and Economic Development

Posted on by Bob Santy

2018 is starting out to be quite the political year here in Connecticut, and the legislature is in session - it’s a short session but it sounds like they are very ambitious about getting some things done, not only on the budget but on economic development issues as well.

Over the last month, I’ve been involved in a couple of things to share with you.  The first was testimony before the Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth, which I am sure all of you are reading about as it's getting a lot of attention. You can watch my testimony on CT-N (view taping online at minute marker 3:02), or read the transcript online. 

The second is a working group that was set up by the leadership of the Commerce Committee in the legislature that is looking at marketing and business recruitment - things that obviously AdvanceCT is very interested in and very active in as well.

To talk about the Commission - it’s interesting as it is named Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth - those are not two different things. It's kind of a virtuous cycle: getting a little bit of new fiscal stability and then getting some economic growth as a result. That is an important component of what we need to do as a state, and I think this Commission is on the right track.

We think the Commerce Committee is going to be very active this session doing work on business recruitment and looking at business services, making sure businesses can access the programs the state offers as easily as possible.

All of this will feed into a gubernatorial race later in the year, and we’ll be talking more about it.