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Posted on by Rebecca Mead

There were four Indian restaurants within a quick walk of where I had an internship while in college. The menu at Miah was pretty much identical to the other three – the recipes came from the same region, the food came from the same distributors, and the prices were similar. On the face of it, there was nothing to really set the four restaurants apart, and no reason to choose one over another. The difference, however, was apparent after you dined at Miah. It wasn’t just what the chef cooked that kept a line out the door every day at lunchtime. It was how the food was made and the way it was served that changed the experience.

I was reminded of Miah recently after talking with a company owner that, after years of being the only local resource, is now facing competition with the same services being offered at similar prices. And while it’s difficult to exactly define what made dining at Miah memorable, that doesn’t stop us from trying because we want to recreate that kind of experience for our clients and customers.

Consistency Creates Experience

Brand differentiators are not limited to product or price, but the intangible experience - the “it” that takes something from forgettable to memorable – and while often surprisingly simple, consistently hard to do. The attitude of everyone who touches the product or provides the service creates the experience that matters in the end. When the people who make, sell, and deliver things consistently believe – and act – as if it’s their privilege to do so, they can’t help but create better customer experiences.

Consistency Differentiates

And that’s the point really – its what we consistently do – every time, without fail, that differentiates us. The caliber of people we employ, the quality of service that we consistently deliver, and the promises we consistently make and keep. All choices that, when combined, create an experience that keep people coming back, and a story that they will be happy to share.