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Collaboration at Work

Posted on by Bob Santy

I am honored to serve on the Working Cities Challenge Advisory Committee for the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.  We had our latest meeting yesterday and were joined by the five cities in Connecticut that were chosen to participate for the next three years in solving problems on the ground through collaborative efforts of cross sectors within their communities. It was also interesting that several of the researchers from the Federal Reserve Bank were there to talk about preliminary research they’re doing on whether collaborative efforts actually result in better economic growth for a region. I’m fascinated by this.

Of course, we believe in Collaboration at Work here at AdvanceCT and we really take that very seriously. I think that over the next year or so there are going to be a number of collaborative efforts that might be able to show that through collaboration economic growth is the result. Let me just talk about some of them…

  • We want to convene a cross-sectoral group that’s involved in development from land use attorneys, environmental and civil engineers, commercial brokers, contractors, construction management firms, all to be convened with state and municipal officials to talk about the things that really make economic development happen in our state.  
  • We want to develop a protocol with regional economic development organizations on business recruitment in the state of Connecticut.
  • We want to consciously seek out efforts to work with more than one town so that towns can come together and work on regional economic development issues.  And we want to convene those business service providers that help businesses get information in order to start and grow their businesses.
  • We also want to work with data advocates to make sure we have the best possible data available to support economic development policies.

So as you can see, we really believe in Collaboration at Work and we think that can result in economic growth for Connecticut.