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The AdvanceCT (formerly CERC) Blog features topics about research, marketing and business development topics related to economic development.

Streamlining the Land Use Regulatory Process

As developers and applicants look fondly on municipalities that are streamlined and able to get development up and running quickly, the question for towns and cities becomes, how do our local land use policies incentivize and streamline economic development projects?  And how does this affect the reputation of our community in the eyes of potential developers and applicants?

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by Courtney Hendricson  |    |  Comments 

Working Together to Find Inventive Solutions

Wanted to share a recent success story – from our work for the Town of Seymour – that underscores the positive economic outcomes that happen when town, state, and private partners work together to find inventive solutions.

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by Sadie Colcord  |    |  Comments 

Town Profiles: 2019 Updates Now Online

map of Connecticut

While AdvanceCT offers a wide range of services, one of our most well-known and popular offerings are the AdvanceCT Town Profiles. Covering all 169 municipalities in Connecticut, the Town Profiles offer the reader a nuanced view of the economic and demographic characteristics of each municipality, including information such as population, major employers, education, fiscal issues, labor force and housing.

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by Rachel Gretencord  |    |  Comments 

Creating Shopping Experiences

CERCONOMY Creating Retail Experiences

The retail industry is going through a remarkable transformation - in part due to technology as well as cultural and social shifts.  

In this episode of CERCONOMY, Alissa DeJonge, AdvanceCT's Vice President of Research, and Rachel Gretencord, AdvanceCT's Financial and Research Analyst, sit down to discuss the changes occurring in the retail marketplace, and what retailers need to do in order to survive - including establishing destinations where shoppers want to go and spend time - creating authentic experiences.

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by Alissa DeJonge  |    |  Comments 

Searching for Disruptive Solutions

Global industry leader, Stanley Black & Decker and Techstars, a worldwide accelerator that helps entrepreneurs succeed, have partnered to run The STANLEY+Techstars Accelerator in Hartford. Focused on additive manufacturing and sustainable packaging solutions, they search the world for established startups that are developing innovative solutions in these areas - searching for disruptive solutions in software, hardware, or materials.

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by Kristi Sullivan  |    |  Comments 

A Level Playing Field for All

I read an article recently about America’s New Business Plan which was posted by a grassroots bipartisan initiative called Start Us Up.  The article calls upon both national and state policy makers to consider the following when making decisions on business regulations and the necessity of supporting the small business community and creating a level playing field for all  - an idea that resonates with me and is similarly viewed by many of the resource partners in Connecticut.

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by Beth Wallace  |    |  Comments 

Creating Experience

Recently, Erron Smith, AdvanceCT’s Associate Director of Business Development sat down with Alissa DeJonge, Vice President of Research, to chat about a recent conference he attended - the Industrial Asset Management Council (IAMC) Professional Forum.  Held in Milwaukee, the forum brought together economic developers, service providers, and end users (companies).  As a first time visitor to Milwaukee, Erron was impressed with the city’s efforts to transform the historical industrial economy and strategically utilize the existing assets, and how Connecticut, with its similar post industrial challenges, can benefit by learning from cities like Milwaukee.

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by Erron Smith  |    |  Comments 

The Anatomy of an Incubator

Bourough 496 is a new business incubator in Hamden, supporting small businesses and serving as a regional asset for innovation as well as a productive institution in a critical neighborhood.

In this episode of CERCONOMY, AdvanceCT’s Vice President of Municipal Services, Courtney Hendricson, is joined by Dale Kroop, the Director of Economic Development and Neighborhood Revitalization for Hamden - and the mastermind behind the new incubator. 

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by Courtney Hendricson  |    |  Comments